Hi Guys,

Firstly, Tim is my name and I'm from and currently live in Sydney Australia.

The site is awesome in all aspects and has definitely helped me in choosing my latest purchases or at least in ordering them. hey are the Traxxas XO-1, Spartan and T-Maxx. Can't wait till they arrive.. Don't know why but I have found myself addicted to the Traxxas Products, website and there new Link capability with iPhone, might just be the WOW factor as I haven't had a good play with RC's in some time other than the odd tinker here and there.

Back in the day (over 15 to 20 years ago) I was the proud owner of some of the classics. TAMIYA's Frog, Hornet, Super Hornet and my 1st Nitro RC 6 years ago being a Kyosho V1RR raced with my Local Nitro RC Club, Penrith District Nitro Racing Inc..

Look forward to hearing about anyones good times, failures and fixes with the Traxxas products I'm waiting on and I'll be sure to correspond mine.

Can't wait to getting back into one of my favourite hobbies.