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Old new guy or New old guy here
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Thread: Old new guy or New old guy here

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    Cool Old new guy or New old guy here


    I'm back into RC after a 20+ year hiatus!! My son took an interest in an old 1st gen Blackfoot I built back in the day. I told him if he stuck with it we'd get something new. Well, he got it going in 2 days. We scoured the net and YouTube and decided on a Summit back in the spring. A new hobby for my son, daughter and I is born! We trail, bash, and crawl most every weekend now.

    We are going to begin restoring my old Tamiyas and Koyoshos over the winter (funds and parts permitting). I've looked and lurked on many boards and forums, RCN is one of only three I'm subscribed to. I'm looking forward to sharing with you.

    Mayberry Kid

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    Cool! that will be a nice project!
    If nobody comes back from the future to stop you, how bad of a decision can it be?
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    share some pics when you are done because i want to see them!

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