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Interested RC Owner
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Thread: Interested RC Owner

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    Interested RC Owner

    I am lookng at the 1/18 scale brushless motor Iron Tracks Tyranno. I wanted to get anybody's opinion on this truck or Iron Tracks in general. In buying the truck I will also invest in upgrading the battery. But besides that what are some spare parts that are needed?
    Any help that can be provided will be much appreciated.

    Thanks In Advance,

    Iron Joseph

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    I wish I knew more about their stuff, I actually reached out to them this past week to see if we could get some in for testing as people are asking about them for sure. I can keep you posted.

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    holland, michigan
    you can check out ultimate rc's review on them
    the one that he got he didnt break at all
    so they are really durable and im probley gonna get one soon

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