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Thread: New to RC and New to the forums! Looking to switch from slot cars to rc cars.

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    New to RC and New to the forums! Looking to switch from slot cars to rc cars.

    I was looking for information on small scale R/C cars, think of something alone the lines of the Mini Z. I was looking for a good company that's been around for a while. The plan was to buy 2 Mini Z or something alone the same line. 1 for Me and 1 for my Daughter (8). I also want to buy a few cheaper cars, something like radio shacks XMods (witch are no longer in production), for her friends (200 is a lot for them to break). I was looking for a small scale to run in doors during the winter months (Nov-Apr) the rest of the year we hike. Thank you for your time.
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    hey, welcome to the forums! well first off, how many friends does your daughter have that u will buy one for. for the price of the mini z, about $230, i would say get a traxxas 1/16 brushed summit or traxxas 1/16 brushed slash. If you dont want to spend that much, then look at any of the Losi mini's or micro's. they are cheap and pretty durable. or look at the Helion Animus 18sc or the Helion Animus 18tr. there are lots to choose from so really it comes down to personal preference, ie. looks, size, body color. but the traxxas's if u want alot of fun anywhere, outside, mud, snow, rain, sand... the traxxas's are 100% waterproof, i have one and ive tested it numerous times and still works like a dream. the helion's are excellent beginner cars which allow the driver to "get their bearings" with the world of rc. The mini's or micro's are mainly for inside and since they are so small and dont go too fast, they wiill be harder to break. thats my 2 cents, hope ive swayed you choice to a specific side.

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    I mostly favor street cars I can't afford in real life, like a Lamborghini or Ferrari. She favors colors.

    Other parents buying there child one. I'm not counting on, witch is why i would like to buy a couple of cheaper ones.
    They like to use the race track, I have cheaper cars for them to use. The kids age from 5 to 9. One of her friends/ my best friends son, is good with the track and can use it very well. If its just the 2 of them, Ill take the faster cars down for them to use.
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