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Steering Servonot Working
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Thread: Steering Servonot Working

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    Steering Servonot Working

    i have a brian deegan 1/18 sct from atomic and the steering servo is not working.
    esc is working, but the steering just stays turned to the right
    any suggestions?

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    Broken servo. Just take it to your local hobby shop and they will fi you up with an upgraded one.

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    How old is the truck? Have you tried plugging the servo into the other channel of the rx? If you plug it in another channel and it still doesn't work, it's time for a new servo. Did anything happen right before it stopped working, did you crash or get it wet?

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    one of the gears probley stripped

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    I would just take it to your local hobby shop (lhs) and they should be able to fix it right up.
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