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KYOSHO Pureten alpha
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Thread: KYOSHO Pureten alpha

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    KYOSHO Pureten alpha


    Thought I would start a little thread for those very few owners of the pureten alpha series onroad 1/10 scale car.

    They were released with the tradition subaru impreza rally style paint scheme and also a ford body too, as far as I know.

    If you have one yourself, or have some parts for sale... be sure to send me a PM, because I would be interested as parts are few and far between to say the least!

    From what I have used the kit, it's great. Most certainly a beginning kit, but still a blast.

    Any other Kyosho PT owners can chat here!

    Caster Racing EX1.5
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    GX-5R .21 - Byron 20%
    Ofna - Proline - VP Pro - Caster Wheels/tyres
    Savox SC125/78 Titanium Geared

    Thanks to: Caster Racing USA - Team Tekin - Byron Fuels - VP Pro - Savox

    RCRacing88.eu5.org / Youtube.com/RCRacing88
    Nene Valley Raceway

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