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losi micro rally
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Thread: losi micro rally

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    losi micro rally

    was purchasing the losi micro rally a good choice. (i dont get it till christmas)

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    it fun for office, low carpet and driveway action, or if you wanna make a small track it will be fun for that too!!! Cant do too much with it though, what did you want from it?

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    Its a over all good car, but i would recomend the sort corce tuck modle insted, it is baced off the same chassie, but it has larger bumper and is better for playing around, same turck, diffent body,tires,and bumper.

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    Like Mike said, I'd get the SC. The exact same, just tougher, actually Almost indestructible,

    I have one, but it isn't the greatest RC Ive had. Shocks are nice, oil filled threaded. But the differentials are terrible (as Losi is known for their micro diffs sucking) the rear one is OK, could be better, and the front one is more of a spool then a diff. Turning radius is that of an oil tanker unless you trim out your knuckles and Losi again put the clear plastic steering connectors on it which I cant tell you how many Ive broken on my Micro T

    Never mind the serious over heating problems they have. The drivetrain is to bound and motor is too small with no airflow.

    They are fun, and there are TONS of hop-ups already, but Id spend the extra $30 and get a Mini Desert Truck or a Mini-T

    But if you do get one,you won't regret it at all
    B4 Mamba. 'Nuf said.
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