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Savage turning radius Mod
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Thread: Savage turning radius Mod

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    Savage turning radius Mod

    Well, I'm the type of person who can't leave anything alone and one who doesn't want to spend money when I can DIY.

    I apologize for not taking pics while doing this, wasn't thinking.

    You start by shaving a little plastic from the steering Blocks (knuckles)

    This will allow the knuckle to have more travel which give more turining radius

    You will also have to trim down the stock steering link (the part that ties the tie rods to each knuckle). This did take a bit off the steering link, we will see how it holds up. Should be fine though.

    right side

    Left side

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    Nice mod there man!
    I have an MGT 4.6 and its turning radius isn't that good xD

    Good Work

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    Thank you so much for this, I need to do this to my truck, good thing i live on a circle, plently to room to turn the thing around.

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