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1st nitro
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Thread: 1st nitro

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    1st nitro

    what should be my first nitro car. i only have about $300, and i have only had traxxas cars before. at first i was thinking exceed!! and i am still leaning towards it because i dont mind waiting for parts, because i have other cars to run. because of my traxxas others i thought about a nitro sport. how is this as a car? also ofna lx2/hyper 7 are being considered

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    For a nitro buggy, I would reccomend getting a Traxxas Rustler or a Jato 3.3 . I have yet to drive the Jato 3.3 as its still in the mail, my brother recenttly bought it and its being shipped now should come sometime this week, I can't wait!

    As for the Rustler its a great nitro buggy or truck what ever you call it, Its one of the first nitro engine I ever drive. The one me and my brother has goes about 65 mph and dose whieeles all day .

    As for the exceed , I have a electric one and I don't play with it too much... I don't think there good trucks but hey I'm new into the sport and just trying to help out if I am wrong please do correct me .

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    Yeah, Exceed wouldn't be as good as a Traxxas truck any day. Traxxas builds their cars with tough parts and can take a beating. When you break it, they have a whole stock list of parts that you can upgrade with. I've never owned an Exceed but they look cheap
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    I would avoid exceed and traxxas nitro. Honestly $300 dollers can't get you good quality unless its a 2wd e truck or car. Just remember the more you spend the better the quality your getting. Exceed is some what good to drive up and down but parts are heard to get. If you wanted a street nitro for that price i would say a nitro jato or somthing like that. Exceeds dont last and neither do traxxas engines. I may not seem like i know from being new here but im very experienced in rc and joined this forum to help newer people.

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    If you want to race off road and on road then in my suggestion Condor is a model for you. Beginners are fast novices as Condor is designed with performance in mind. Many of the upgrades are pre installed. Kanon value for money
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