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Help?info thread
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Thread: Help?info thread

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    Help?info thread

    Im here to offer my help. Im highly experienced in nitro and electric. I have owned almost any popular buggy on the market today and can help with any questions or issues. Also if you need engine tunning help or anything of that nature just ask. Describe your issue as best as possible and i can answer with all my ability. Thanks guys and hope to help.

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    Im looking to get into rc. Everyone says go electric first but Im pretty handy and like working on things so im not worried about going straight in to nitro and the extra maintenance. Im considering the HPI trophy buggy with the 3.5 engine. I dont plan on doing serious competition, just backyard racing.
    it will be my first rc and im just looking for opinions on the buggy and the nitro to see if im on the right track. It seems like a good product for the price. any thoughts?

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