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Hyper 9 or Hyper star
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Thread: Hyper 9 or Hyper star

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    Hyper 9 or Hyper star

    Which buggy is better for racing, the hyper star or hyper 9

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    hyper 9
    yes i own a Hyper 9 with b CONVERSION and a GL [PRO ] AS SOME PEOPLE CALL THEM VERY HAPPY , BUT ARE LOOKING AT THE HYPER STAR AND NOT SURE IS IT BETTER WITH NEW Front suspension ? Or can i just buy the new front parts and fit it to the ones i got ?

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    The front end is the only difference between those buggys I personally have never been a fan of pillow balls so I would go with the hyper 9, but if you like the pillow balls go for the star.

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    assuming they are the same price, the 9 all the way, or check out the mugen mbx6e

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