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whats the best all terrain buggy tyre???
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Thread: whats the best all terrain buggy tyre???

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    whats the best all terrain buggy tyre???

    hi!! i am looking for a long lasting well known all terrain buggy tyre. i mainly drive on grass, the road and sometimes on gravel. i am thinking around the lines of the proline badlands xtr or the duratrax lockups c2. please help!

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    i aint tellin u stalker
    the proline badlands xtrs are good for sand light gravel and hard dirt the duratrax lockups are best in snow grass road and gravel but not dirt so depending on what you are planning to do i would just say save up and get both

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    Proline is best option i also agree with schumacher cougar and duratrax is also good choice but i will be prefer Proline........

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    You'll LOVE the badlands. I have them on my Jato and couldn't be happier for bashing. Not so much for racing but that's expected.
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