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10 tips on buying/getting started on a nitro
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Thread: 10 tips on buying/getting started on a nitro

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    10 tips on buying/getting started on a nitro

    Ok im ganna give out a few tips i have learned on nitro cars.

    1. Don't buy a used nitro off the internet as one of your first nitros, normally your buying someone elses problem unless its a high end race car and its just a roller or they have 100% buyer/trader/seller feedback. Also talk to the seller ask them what the car has been through, raced or bashed and ask what has been broken since buying and how are the bearings etc. Get a inetial view of what the car has been through and if this is what you want. Normally a cheap sell is a bad buy. Not always but normally!

    2. Spend big the first time and your quality will make the money worth it. If you buy a cheap comopnent it normally has half the life span. Via servos, car, etc. Normally the cheaper the weaker.

    3. Be patient on buying a nitro car, dont get money and go buy the first you see, go to your local hobby shop and see what others own and what kind of parts support the shops have around you. Also if you want to race look into your local tracks, see what the majority races and brand. This will offer better set up help and also parts support from a local racer if you dont have the part or the shop is out of stock.

    4. Dont drive/race your vehicle then put it on the shelf. Always run the fuel out of the engine completly and get fuel out of lines and tank. Fuel and gum up and lock up your engine or gum up your fuel lines or tank. Some fuels have after run in the mixture but not all. If your fuel dont state it has after run in the mixture always use about 3 drops of after run by removing the glow plug and turn engine over a few times with glow plug in to lube up the engine and prevent rust. Doing all this WILL expand your engines life span.

    5. Learn to tune properly, if your car isn't running right its normally tune or glow plug.

    7. ALWAYS break in a new nitro engine, this will keep it running properly and give your engine the longest life possible. Normally the manuel will tell you the best engine break in for that specific engine. Also be patient on this stage and do it right.

    8. Dont leave the car dirty and always inspect for broken or worn out parts. Changing parts before they break will prevent stress to other parts connected to or around the part that is damaged.

    9.Always after about 3 to 5 race days, so about 28 tanks of fuel give or take, completly dissasemble car and change diff fluids, shocks fluids and inspecs bearings and parts.

    10. Learn your radio and set end points on servos, this will lengthen servo life and keep strees off them. It's really easy to do and is always over looked.

    11. Have fun with your nitro rc cars and always know the sound beats electric.

    There are more tips this is just the jist of it to get you goinf in the noisy path of nitro.

    Hope this helped and any questions on what to look for on buying a rc etc just post below or feel free to message me. Have a good day and thanks for reading.
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    i definatley agree with tip #11
    i am the revoman

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