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Fall Engine Running
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Thread: Fall Engine Running

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    Fall Engine Running

    So this is the first year I have had a nitro and as it is getting colder outside I am told there is something I need to do differently. What changes do I have to make, and does anyone run their nitros in the snow?

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    i had an old 2.5 t maxx and yea the colder weather here in CO definitely messes with the engine in winter (mostly fuel mixture) and yea we get mad snow here and my tmaxx used to beast the snow! You do have to be careful only problems i had was engin sizzle and some rusty screws (because i am lazy) other than that u should be fine but thats just me!!

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    I know you are talking about running in the fall, but is it a good thing to run in the winter, my road is clear of snow but is it worth it to adjust all of the stuff for a few months of cold?

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    i Bash Snow, Rain, Leaves, Mudd, n e where, youll notice if u need to tune differently and its trial n error but it shouldnt need n e more than a 1/8 turn n e dirrection on the needles, just if its cold let your kit sit n idle for a fiew minutes, we sitt ours on vents or n front of the fire place nd also some times heat the engines up with hair dryers before we start them, just to be safe from lok ups and cold starts, a warm engine is a happy engine!!!! and oiled too, hahaha

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    Well the tunning is very important and will depend on weather your nitro will run or not. personally i would not run nitro in the snow because 1 the electronics are not waterproof and the engine is definitely by no means waterproof. How ever though if you want to run in cold weather there is a couple of things that you can do. heat the engine up with a heat gun or warm it up inside. what i like to do is make it a little jacket. you put some tin foil on the cooling head then put cardboard around the tinfoil and that works very well. Nitro engines are very sensitive. so its important to have a temperature gauge to make sure its getting up to its full running temperature. i hope this helps.

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