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Can't start my nitro sport! Just bought it too out of the box. Please help!
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Thread: Can't start my nitro sport! Just bought it too out of the box. Please help!

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    Question Can't start my nitro sport! Just bought it too out of the box. Please help!

    I just bought the nitro RC yesterday and it has the easy start. I flooded it at first. And waited but it's still not starting. Both of the lights on the glow plug starter are on so I know it's not the glow plug? Can anybody give me some tips to get this thing started! I am new to nitro cars. Some advice would really be appreciated. Thanks

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    What's the outside temperate?

    New engines are hard to keep running and if they're really tight it's hard to even get them to turnover to start it.

    It seems you can get the motor to turn over, right? Make sure the EZ Start battery is fully charged.

    Make sure you prime it with fuel, but don't flood it.

    Check to see if the glowplug is good and dry.

    If you bought it from a local hobby shop, take it back there and ask for help. These problems are so hard to diagnosed over a forum without being there especially for somebody new to nitro RC.

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    Well rc cars don't have chokes... Make sure you can see the gas in the gas line than put your finger over the carburator and if you hear it starting move your finger away... Also for break in I don't suggest doing it when it's cold... I do it when it's around 55 degrees f or higher
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    If you hold your throttle too long with a nitro will it blow. If it will blow how long till it blows?

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