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Nitro Sport or Firestorm 10T
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Thread: Nitro Sport or Firestorm 10T

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    Nitro Sport or Firestorm 10T

    hey guys just wondering which is a better first time nitro for bashing in terms of maintenance and durability?

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    hello. well, first off when it comes to nitro traxxas destroys hpi in reliability. plus, your lhs will always have all the traxxas parts but not always the hpi ones. traxxas cars are bullet proof as well. i had a nitro 4 tec 3.3 that got ran over by a car and had only a broken rim. btw, did u ever consider getting a t maxx classic? ik its more money but the t maxx has a 2speed and reverse. anyways, the nitro sport and firestorm t10 are very similar trucks. they are basically the same layout, engine size, top speed, and everything. i would definitively get the sport. you will not be disappointed. GO TRAXXAS
    just cause its made for offroad, doesnt mean it cant hit 80mph.

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    I have both vehicles. Theyre very close in comparison. I have hopped up my Traxxas Nitro Sport with a TRX 3.3 Racing Engine and a 72 tooth steel spur gear from Robinson Racing Products. It also has an Integy blue aluminum Ger box/ transmission case and a Integy blue aluminum battery box/wheelie bar combo. It has RPM shock towers in the front and rear and RPM suspension arms. It has anaconda tires mounted on 2.2 chrome wheels.(same as found on the Traxxas JATO) Also has the Traxxas 2.4GHz link Transmitter and 5 channel Receiver. I have invested about $500.00 into it. It truly is my pride and joy. My HPI Firestorm is an awesome vehicle as well. Its mainly stock with the only upgrades I have done to it are Proline Holeshot tires and a 5 cell hump pack(battery pack). It still has the stock Nitro star G3.0 (.18) racing engine. I bought my firestorm ready to run/race (RTR) from a seller on eBay for under $100.00 a couple years ago and still running today with good compression. I always use after run oil or WD-40 and cleaned from top to bottom with diluted Simple Green and water then blown dry with an air compressor.

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