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Losi 5ive-T Servo question
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Thread: Losi 5ive-T Servo question

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    Losi 5ive-T Servo question

    I know this doesn't belong in this forum since there is no gas short course truck category but I can register on rclargescale because of the do you know you baja basics part but, I have my 1/4th scale throttle servo that came with the truck and my friend accidently washed my truck with a hose and I bought the truck yesterday. 4/21/2012. So... I started up the truck and had the reciever and transmitter on and the truck took off fully speed and I couldn't stop the truck but the steering servo works so the truck was going full speed at right at me and i couldn't stop it. I got it stopped by running in front of it or it would have gone into my pond and really died. Anyone have any on how to fix the throttle servo or if I could get a free one from Losi since I just bought it and its under warranty?

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    1st things 1st. Get a killer bee kill switch! A must on this machine. Always test your servos before starting the truck. Go though fast eddy setup videos for 1st run prep. If the servo is inconsistent replace it. This truck is heavy and can do a lot of damage when out of control! Standing in front of it to stop it could break a leg pretty easy! Again get that kill switch installed !

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