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1995 hobao pirate 10
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Thread: 1995 hobao pirate 10

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    1995 hobao pirate 10

    Hello every one i am 14 and having trouble with my Hobao pirate 10 the top of the piston is hitting the bottom of the head block and as i go to pull start it the pull start does not retract properly.
    it would be more then appreciated if someone could help me out.

    regards Daniel

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    Jul 2012
    well for your first problem with the hitting you need to take the head off and im sure you can get really thin little aluminum shims to go between them untill there is clearance unless you have a metal lathe then lightly chuck it up and shave a small amount off the bottom of the head where its hitting as for the second problem you might need to take the pull start apart and clean it or rewind it or its just broken, be verry careful the spring in the pullstart can come out and it makes a scary noise and flys around and can injure you... so be careful with it, oh and there verry hard to put it back in
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    older T A tc3 electric i think
    still looking for anything cheap

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    1983 honda shadow 750

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