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Differences between revo 3.3's?
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Thread: Differences between revo 3.3's?

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    Differences between revo 3.3's?

    Looking at trading my 1/5 scale gas hummer for a 3.3. From what I can find online it seems that they are pretty equal in price but I think the 3.3 is much better quality. They guy is not sure what version of the 3.3 he has so that's what I'm looking to find out. Just wanna get an idea of what I'd be getting into. I can tell you it has a 27 mhz system and has ex start on it. I'll also upload a pic to help. Any help is greatly appreciated. Also never had a it more work than play?

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    That revo is nice I would trade

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    The first generation of revo is just as good... The first revo was a 2.5 I believe and then the released it with a 3.3 as the second generation had the 3.3(2nd gen) with no reverse(the first gen had reverse)... Then the third generation has an extended chassis by one inch, and they brought back the reverse, and 2.4 ghz controller and some other added stuff... A lot of the first generations people converted them into a 3.3 instead of a 2.5... If I am wrong feel free to correct me anybody. I can't really tell which generation that one is with the body on it.
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    It looks older from what in see. I have a maxx that came with one of the original 2.5r engines. The Fins ons the head used to bedrijf thinner, well at least the one in bought a month ago has bigger fins. I have had my maxx since 2007 and all I have done was replace the motor once, spur once, and mod the trans to fix a set screw. I replaced mine with the stock 2.5 cause I heard the drive shafts were different. It screams like heck and no shaft issues. Everything posted above sounds accurate to my knowledge. Nitro is alot more work then just mixing fuel. But it's not work so much as maintenance. They like to be very clean, zero air/ exhaust leaks, run a fuel filter and pull the plug and use some form of after run oil(wd40 works), fallow those 4 rules, as long as you don't bash you'll go forever. Tower sells the motors for $130. Bash and well you've seen the outcome oh and all the Traxxas manuals are available on Google in pdf. Format.

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