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trx 3.3 or picco .26 big block
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Thread: trx 3.3 or picco .26 big block

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    trx 3.3 or picco .26 big block

    im thinking about putting a picco .26 in my revo. is there any benafits to doing so or any disadvatages or is there a better engine or do i stick with the trx3.3?

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    brandon hill
    i went out and bought the picco .26 and it went in with little problem of course there is a different moter mount you will have to buy now is it better than the 3.3 yes i thank the 3.3 is junk after all that and breakin witch is easer than the 3.3 breakin i raced a frend and for every 5 feet full throttle on the 3.3 my .26 was pushing 7 feet full throttle so im going to tell ya go for it dude and let me know how it does o and by the way picco has a red dot engine that is the same and is only 20 bucks more its timing is off for more top end power i thank you should try that engine

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    i was going to get an axial .28, but then i would have to get a whole conversion kit... the picco bolts right on, so i think im going to get that, and both me and my freind have heard nothing bad about that engine

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