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T-Maxx Classic or E-Maxx
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Thread: T-Maxx Classic or E-Maxx

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    T-Maxx Classic or E-Maxx

    Hi, i'm trying to decide between a Traxxas T-maxx Classic (2.5) or an E-maxx, i'm leaning towards the T-Maxx? I have a Stampede XL-5 now and I have been learing about nitro's for the past month or so but i'm just confused if i should get a e-maxx or t-maxx classic?

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    The reall question I'm getting is , Electric or Nitro. This is more of a personal question. For me I'm a car guy (petrol head, gear head) so dealling w/ engines, tunning, etc is second nature, so to speak. Some people don't really like the aspect of tunning and stuff and if you live in a cooler climate the idea of not being able to run in the snow (as a general rule, sorta). It all depends on if you want electric or nitro.
    The one thing that I will recomend is, IMO, I would get the new version of either kit. The 3.3 will be improved in many ways vs the 2.5. While the 2.5 is a bit cheaper you will be better off w/ the upgraded radio, engine, etc.
    When it comes to electric (not really my thing), from what I understand, brushless is the way to go which will add a lot of $$$ to the pot but everyone on here is very happy w/ that type motor.

    If you really want my opinion then I say NITRO

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