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Traxxas T-maxx Possible Mods??
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Thread: Traxxas T-maxx Possible Mods??

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    Question Traxxas T-maxx Possible Mods??

    Hey guys, BlitzHPI here with a good question. What are some good mods for the tmaxx. Reason I'm asking is that my dad has one and it never stays runnin long enough to really get a couple tanks through it. It has the 2.5 and is four wheel drive. So any and I mean any mods you can do to this thing would be awesome!

    Team Associated SC10's are awesome. Nuff said...

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    Hello BlitzHPI, I think the best mods you can do to make your T-Maxx last longer is definitely RPM arms and shock towers also aluminum bulkheads and chassis braces are a huge help. All I own is T-Maxx's and those are the parts that I used to break the most. If you want to make it even more tougher... install some steel drive shafts and cvd's and you should be good to go for a long time. Hope this helps you out a little.

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    Motorsaver air filter and resonator tuned pipe. just richen the mixture and retune and you'll have a faster meaner and better all around t maxx

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