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Bogs down
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Thread: Bogs down

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    Bogs down

    I have a .18 eng and when I open it up it wants to bog down. It eventually kills after I run it for about 5 min or half a tank. Any ideas

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    you may have the fuel mixture to lean. because if you punch it and it acts like it going to stall or does stall it may be the fuel mixture is to lean so the engine is trying to use more gas but the carb wont let it have enough fuel so it stalls or sounds like its about to.

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    TO LEAN faten bottom end about 3 ours NOT TURN but like a cock turn out just 3 hours. 1 full turn is 1 day.
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    High speed and Low speed 3 hours counter clockwise, and if that is not enough, do half hour increments until its running better.

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