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Thread: Help!!!!

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    I have a very old Traxxas S-Maxx that won't run. I have replaced almost the entire motor, but it still won't run. Does anybody know what will get it running?

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    Is the nitro running through the lines? Or is it because the glow plug isn't lighting? Did you check the carburater for clogs? there are many things that could make it not start.

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    T-MAXX Sam
    i would just buy a new moter for it you can get on ebay and get one for about 60 bucks

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    pne of the biggest problems with gas is sealing the engine. if it is not sealed or parts are not properly oiled it may not run. check the o ring under the cylender head. is that in good condition? is the bearing behind the clutch still sealed because if it is not it wont run. is it sealed by the glow plug and carb. or the piston and sleeve may be shot.

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    another thing is if its not tuned correctly it will have trouble starting try setting the needles back to factory settings

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