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Traxxis T-MAXX 2.5r
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Thread: Traxxis T-MAXX 2.5r

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    T-MAXX Sam

    Traxxis T-MAXX 2.5r

    hey my traxxis T-MAXX 2.5r starts up and runs but it keps dying on me help

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    Try bumping up the idle screw a little to keep it running...if that dont work try resetting the needles back to factory settings and stick in a new OS#8 glowplug.Then retune..The lsn=2 turns out and the hsn = 4 turns out...Good Luck
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    T-MAXX Sam
    when i go to start it. it floods out like befor i even start to turn over i dont understand why it would flood befor i even start messing with it

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    Dec 2010
    just buy electric for crying out loud!

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    make sure the glow plug is igniting

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    I put a 3.3 in the t-maxx2.5, I had the same problem and I was tired of pulling it apart and rebuilding it just to find that the motor itself is garbage. I would just suggest upgrading to 3.3

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    that may be a sign of your engine is wearing out such as your piston and sleeve

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