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Thread: Mgt 8.0

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    Mgt 8.0

    Hey everyone i have a MGT 8.0 and was wondering where i can get some aftermarket parts for this thing it seems when i search google it just brings me to forums where people are asking questions. So far the only thing i have put on it are RPM arms all the way around and RPM spring cups. Was trying to find maybe a rollcage or better cooling head. Really anything at all. The next thing i plan on doing is getting some aluminum shocks. Anyone have any info on where i can get some parts for this thing other than stock?

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    i dont think there will be many sites that carry upgrades for your truck unfortunately. its not a very popular truck, i dont see why though. it has probly the largest engine out of any stock nitro monster truck out there. as for the cooling head, the stock one is very large. its not really necessary to upgrade it. just dont run too lean.
    just cause its made for offroad, doesnt mean it cant hit 80mph.

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