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Savage x will not shift into second gear!
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Thread: Savage x will not shift into second gear!

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    Angry Savage x will not shift into second gear!

    Hey guys I'm new to this forum, but not to rc's. I'm a regular on the traxxas forum and have over 1,200 posts there.
    Anyways, the reason I joined this forum is because I cannot talk about my HPI savage there.
    The problem is, it will not shift into second gear. I've tried everything. The slipper clutch is tight, the gear shift disk like thing in the tranny works good (The pad doesn't stick at all), engine clutch shoes are good...brake is not dragging...I just cannot understand why this thing will not shift into second gear. The engine runs perfect, starts every time like nothing.
    I was just driving it and it was working great...shifting and downshifting exactly as it should...then all of a sudden it just plain stopped just revs up in first gear.
    And I have tried adjusting the screws in the shifter in the tranny, going by what it says in the manual and turning it out (loosening it) so it will shift sooner.
    No matter how far I turn it out it just will not shift.
    I'm getting pretty aggravated...can you guys help me out here please? I'm relatively new to the savage and have only had it a few days. Maybe you guys with more experience with the truck can help.

    Heres a picture of the truck:


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    I own 4 savages and the only 3 reason i have the 2spd trans not to shit is

    #1 the tune is not right, the hsn is letting in too much fuel and the engine is not spooling up enough to reach peak rpm.

    #2 the paw is worn and hangs uo, normally in an older truck, after shifting soo many times the paw mushrooms in the cluch and hangs(if your truck is new this is not your problem)

    #3 the spring in the clutch is shot for too much adjusting(if turned in too much the spring can easily be damaged)

    stock setting is what i use and it is 1 1/2 turns past flush of the lowest part of the clutch holder(line a)
    Page 35 in the x manual lower right hand side

    My hsn setting on my savages is normally around 2.5 turns out from closed(very gently closed

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