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Newbie here. need help please... tmaxx 3.3 #5207
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Thread: Newbie here. need help please... tmaxx 3.3 #5207

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    Newbie here. need help please... tmaxx 3.3 #5207

    picked up my first ever nitro rc last week. Traxxas T-Maxx 3.3 #5207

    got the truck broke in and halfway through the sixth tank the ez start battery died on me.
    charged it and proceded the next day but couldnt quite figure out the tuning.

    have ran a couple tanks of fuel through it since break-in (not quite 1/2 gallon total)
    today, i went to start it and somehow burned out the ez start motor... i ran to the local shop and picked up a replacement. got it installed and through an entire charge have only gotten it to crank and drive once.
    I recharged the battery and have messed with it very hard to crank and when it does it wont sit and idle more than a few seconds without giving it gas.

    it has new glowplug, wire, air filter, fresh batteries in ez start. just hard as hell to crank. turns over fine and it about 85 degrees here but wont run. when it does run it was cutting out at high speed shortly after it was started. good blue smoke coming from exhaust, and SOMETIMES not all the time, but sometimes a bit sluggish off the line.

    kinda getting frustrated....

    think i need to completely restore the stock settings on the carb. turning the valve clockwise then back 4 times and flushing the side screw would be stock correct?

    thanks in advance for any help!

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    wish i could help you but thats a tough rc for a beginner from what ive heard.
    Thats what she said.

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    Okay so how many turns have you turned the HSN already? and did you mess with the LSN or idle screw?

    This is my method
    i usually seal my nitro engines to eliminate any air leaks

    Start with your idle gap, remove the air filter and look down the carb, holding the slide closed make sure the gap is 1mm(a bread tie,metal strip only)
    Set your needles back to factory
    make sure your linkage is set up so that 1mm carb gap never changes, when applying breaks and it returns after Wide open throt.
    prime your engine, stop once the fuel enters the hsn venture, make sure all air bubbles are outta the fuel line.
    start er up, if you need to hold the throttle a bit till she warms do so. Once warm if it will not idle and bogs down, turn the lsn in 1/8 at a time n let run a bit before adjusting again. Once a crisp idle to where the cb is not engaging is found time to work that hsn.
    try a few laps if it takes off n dies all of a sudden with no rev up or stutter your rich on the hsn and it "flaming out" if your at the factory setting your gonna be rich on the hsn, turn in 1/8 at a time youll notice power, higher revs.
    STOP IMMEDIATLY if you engine start to chewbaca or studder you have leaned to many times go back 1/4 turn
    If your in the zone chances are your lsn can be brought out a little, if your car moves with no throotle or your wheels spin with no throttle adjust your lsn out until they stop spinning, check temps keep it under 250ish and your good to go

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