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Thread: truggy

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    Love em but will eventually go monster truck when I have the cash

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    I was opposite. I have a savage x, something broke every time i went out. So i ditched that and picked up a mbx5t. Couldent be happier, dosent break, handels like an onroad and jumps like a champ!

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    May 2011
    had a rustler - kindof like a truggy... i hated it. it was so slow and so fragile. but then i got my emaxx and fell in love

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    i found the savage to be a bit thin in quality. i have one and it just keeps eating through gears and kills glow plugs. i have a traxxas jato only replaced the drive gear once and never replaced the glow plug scece i got it about 3 years ago.

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    i had NB16-T which is best for back yard racing.Unlike other [url=]auto radiocomandate a benzina[/url] this model,NB16 is powerful enough to outrun a lot of full scale models! All the features and more that you would expect from a full size nitro car have been squeezed into this little monster truck.I love it because of its smaller size and high torque mini servos

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