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Pull-start issue Mach 0.15
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Thread: Pull-start issue Mach 0.15

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    Pull-start issue Mach 0.15

    Hi All!

    I've a little issue with my pull-start.
    When the engine is cold everythings is fine, but when the engine is hot and I try to start the engine with the pull-start it isn't "gripping" or is slipping.

    What can be the problem?
    Can it be the one-way bearing?

    If it can help, my car is a Losi XXX-NT RTR
    The engine = Mach 0.15
    Factory pull-start, it came with the engine, I bought it 4years ago brand new.


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    Dear check you all joints and then do it again if still its happening then its mean here problem is in circuit.........

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