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Thread: Huge OFNA Fan

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    SE WI
    I drove Jeremy's Hyper 9e on a 5s 5ah. My 9e is almost here =]

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    Mar 2011
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    I've always liked buggies but everyone tells me don't buy one if I'm bashing. This guy looks sweet though.
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    Yeah! I just got my lx2e and even tho I just got it and there's no motor esc or anything in it yet at all

    I am in love with it... It's just built right looks beefy and just looks sexy lol

    I don't think I'll be buying any other brands

    Hope to get a Dm1-e it the gtp2e or a nexx 8 or sc they are just great cars
    Ofna LX2e Roller - nothing in her yet just got it

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