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Thread: big blocks for t maxx?

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    big blocks for t maxx?

    anyone know of any big block conversions for t maxxes?

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    [url= temid=441]P-SERIES - P2.26 MAX[/url]

    This one is a direct fit into a tmaxx. all you need to do is put your old flywheels and clutch assembly on the new engines shaft. You may have to buy the motor mount for this as well because idk if the mount is included and this engine wont fit on the stock one.
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    its a direct drop in for the maxx trucks, put your clutch assembly on it and bolt it in.
    what version maxx are you trying to go BB on?

    i built one and it was the biggest mistake. had to upgrade the diffs to 16.8v emaxx diffs, cvd's center and corners, and ended up dropping another 100 on a RRP trannt setup. mine was a true big block though, extended chassis, big block mount and a TTR/AE pro.28. it was a pretty weak engine for a .28 and it still shredded the drivetrain.

    as a HPI fan,i recommend a savage. you would be surprised at the amount of abuse a savage will drive away from when compared to a t maxx.

    and yes i know t maxx was the original nitro monster truck, but HPI took it way beyond

    i started with a 1st gen tmaxx, narrow with a pro.15, iv had every maxx series truck(Tand E maxx) trying to find the one that didnt need a ton of hop ups to handle a good bash session, even built my extended BB tmaxx and a FLM,RPM brushless emaxx. spent a grand plus building those two trucks only to have a ysed 100 dollar savage .25 out do both of em
    i had that savage for a year or so now, iv extended it with FLM tvp's and a few other hop ups.but im still running the same tranny,diffs and dogbones, except for the rear center shaft. i had to have the extended shaft to make up the extra length from the TVP's and im running a .32 in it now. iv broke one arm on this truck.

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    i have a couple rb 21 engines.. i think imma use those lol

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    a standard .21+ engine will require a BB chassis
    chassis is at the bottom of the page
    [url=]Nitro, TMAXX | FastLane Machine[/url]

    XTM,dynamite,hardcore racing and AcncM all make a BB conversion chassis

    but keep in mind that the maxx was built around a low torque small block engine.

    iv been in rc for years, im not just trying to sound like it. my maxx was built around the AcncM chassis, it was HEAVY(13 lbs)

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    what about good, cheap engines? i was thinking about the axial .28?

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