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Thread: electrix rcs new buggy

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    I have heard decent reviews about electrix rcs. They are very entry level, which is good for some one trying to figure out if they like the hobby. I think all there models are like $120 and if I remember correctly they are fully RTR out of the box they even include AAs for the controller I think. and they should be backed by horizon hobbies and I think they have a few hop up parts. they are kind of like duratrax line of RCs just entry level decent but not anything to write home about.

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    Those trucks bash well because their built like wet noodles. Flexibility absorbs impacts and keeps them in one piece. Very entry level but perfect for a first R/C.

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    i had mine for seven months and not a thing broke on it except a bent hinge pin and i can keep up with guys using lipo and brushless. because i use the stock esc, a reedy 13x2 modified brushed motor and a reedy 6 cell 3800 nimh battery with panther super soft rear and medium soft fronts. the esc can handle up to 12 turn motors and 7 cell battery packs with 80 - 220 amps forward. pretty good for a beginner truck huh?

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    Quote Originally Posted by rcbeginner View Post
    electrix is backed up from horizon hobby
    Yes, Electrix, Losi, Spectrum and Blade, Horizon Hobby is *the* distributer for them,

    they seem half decent, if you are just getting into RC Im not sure if there's another brand thats good other then going with a Slash or a DuraTrax vehicle
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