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Need help on beginner rig!
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Thread: Need help on beginner rig!

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    Need help on beginner rig!

    Hey folks,

    I'm brand new to crawling and have watched tons of videos on which crawler to go with but still undecided. I want a "true" crawler but like the more realistic looking scale models vs. the complete crawler look such as the xr10. Can you suggest a good starter crawler to go with. My budget is around $500 - $600 total and certainly would appreciate any feedback, as I don't want to get the wrong crawler and totally hate the sport. I'm up for either 1/8 or 1/10 scale and either kit or rtr!


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    go to and look at what they have to see but i recamend the scx10 honcho or at rc4wd the have the timber wold its also a good crawler.

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    847 will be your best bet. The trail finder 2 is a really good scaler/crawler and its 399.99 so it will give you some room for a good electronic system.
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    Best bang for your buck is the (Axial)SCX10.... also the (Axial)ridgecrest is kinda best of both worlds, as it's built off the platforms of both the SCX10 and XR10

    For the most realistic look and aspect go with the Tamiya HILUX or the RC4wd TRAIL FINDER 2. For these options you really need to want a scale truck as these options have the leaf springs and not a lot of suspension travel so crawling up and around stuff is very limited compared to something like the SCX10

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    +2 on the Ridgecrest. Priced around $310,and pretty sturdy out of the box (problem areas would be self tapping screws in the front end wanting to back out,a $2-5 fix,I've heard you'd need to upgrade to aluminum knuckles too,but my plastic ones are still holding up). Mine...

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    Personally, I would buy the Axial SCX10 Honcho RTR... save your money by getting that for about $355... then you have money for more batteries, charger if you buy LIPO batteries, parts, and new tires if you need to buy them.

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