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Picked up a Crawler....
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Thread: Picked up a Crawler....

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    Picked up a Crawler....

    and I love it. The thing is so awesome. They are incredibly fun and you can play with them anywhere.

    What Im running....
    Axial AX10
    Weighted and put holes in the rims
    Stock tires with cut foam
    Roll cage
    Bent links and aluminum steering links
    upgraded servo
    Associated 2.4
    Today im going to get...
    Novak 55T
    Novak Goat 2s ESC with built in BEC

    Already it crawles over anything already. I think I may need stiffer foam. Changing for an old 27T to a 55T should give me the more control and more Horsepower that I want. The crawlers are so fun though. Much more fun than they look. They are incredible pieces of engineering and allow you to have fun without a big space to haul ass. You just kind of chill and run sh*t over haha

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    Sep 2010
    Dude, and so it much fun.....

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    Senior Member batman's Avatar
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    Oct 2010
    you might want to try a 35t or 45t first, i got 35t's in xr10 and its slow on 2s and a little to quick on 3s

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    B.C Canada.....Eh?
    Crawling in a comp is even more fun and challenging! And I find it oddly relaxing. If you're not in a good mood in the least, go and crawl for half an hour or so, works wonders
    B4 Mamba. 'Nuf said.
    RC18T (added wing)
    GC-3 gatekeeper Losi Mini-Crawler
    Original Mini LST (Exo-Tek LXT Single Servo Converson, Traxxas servo)
    Soon to be Quadcopter.

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    SE WI
    I was a crawler hater until I got my hands on the XR10 for a few hours.

    Volt Up. Gear Down.

    Team RCN - Subscribe - Youtube RC Nightmare

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