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Axial wraith or scx10
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Thread: Axial wraith or scx10

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    Axial wraith or scx10

    Well the title says it but what would you guys get I really wanna get a scaler I like both but can't afford either the dingo kit or the wraith so what say you guys? , thanks

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    Do you want slow speeds, crawling ability and a scale street truck look or faster speeds with a scale crawler look?

    That's what it really comes down to and you're going to have to make that choice yourself.

    Personally, I'd go with the Wraith first because crawling and slow speed get boring fast.

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    I have a wraith and if you plan on driving it hard get ready to put down some dough for aftermarket stuff. The first five minutes i had mine out of the box the rear 4 link snapped right in two. But since then i have upgraded to vanquish titanium ones. I havent ever drove a scx10 but they look pretty cool. I would say go wraith you can kind of choose whether you want speed or crawling with it and the possibilities are endless not to mention there is a TON of aftermarket parts for them.

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