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Losi Crawler line-up..
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Thread: Losi Crawler line-up..

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    Losi Crawler line-up..

    Hi everyone,

    I have been on the market for my first crawler, and was about to pull the trigger on the Night Crawler to get me started and then someday move up to the Comp. Crwlr. But then I was told by someone on another forum that Losi had pulled all support on their line up, and I guess is maybe pulling away from the crawling all together. Is this a fact? Even if they're not getting out of crawling all together, what does this mean about getting aftermarket parts for their rigs? Should I stay awa from Losi and go Axial? Thanks and hope someone can inform me

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    My brother has the losi nc and I've had the ax10 and they ate both very capable rigs, I don't know if losi is discontinuing the nc but I don't think that'll matter. I know have the xr10 which I love, for me I went axial cause it's way easier to get parts for but I have to say I haven't had to buy alot of extra parts for it and neither has my brother. The axial is alot quieter due to the fact that the losi had the worm gear. The losi doesn't need a drag brake but the axial does. Either one you pick you'll be happy with

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