With the 2011 Reedy Race of Champions underway at my local track, pro drivers from around the world have congregated into one small place. Tonight after packing up my stuff to head home, I was inside chatting with a couple of the NorCal guys and when I look to my left I notice a mounted touring car on top of a full garbage can. I move a couple silicone-soaked rags out of the way and dig up two full sets of said tires, two different compounds, both barely used. Better quality stuff than most average people in the hobby use. That was just at the top of the can. One can out of dozens.

Imagine all of the medium to big races that go on, across the country and around the world, onroad and off, and how much perfectly good, more than usable stuff gets literally thrown away. Even with worn offroad tires, wheels are still perfectly usable, and often inserts are still good. Yet they get thrown away.

How awesome would it be if just one company made it a policy to have their drivers dump all usable stuff into one clean bin and leave it for others to cull through & use freely. How awesome would it be if the idea caught on and became standard practice?