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Exceed Drift Star running 13.5T Sensored
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Thread: Exceed Drift Star running 13.5T Sensored

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    Exceed Drift Star running 13.5T Sensored

    Got my drifter after months of sitting around finally all built back up. Im going to go test it later today. It should rip. Its running a sensored 13.5T Team Powers motor to a Tekin RS ESC with a 2s lipo. Its actually a fairly standard carpet car racing set up, just geared to drift haha. SHould be fun though. I ran it a bit yesterday but I didnt have my ESC set up right so I had a horrible delay (dead remote) and 0 brakes or reverse haha. It was fun

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    lol good to see you back man!

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    nice setup lol let us know how many parts you break

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