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best drifter car for price :)
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Thread: best drifter car for price :)

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    Voltage Dragon

    best drifter car for price :)

    hey everyone im really interested in getting a drifter car
    any specific cars/brands i should look out for?
    also how difficult is it to get decent drifting?


    feel free to lists prices, links ETC.

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    How much do you like to work on your RC's? I love my Monster Energy Fiesta,Some say its not a hardcore drifter out of the box but I think it does well.You can always buy some drift tires and you really want it to slide uncontrollably. I've seen some really cool stuff from Tamiya,I know they like attension and must be worked on,Set-up is a must also.I'm not sure how I feel about the whole belt drive stuff either. So basically if ya just wanna charge batteries and drive get the Fiesta,If ya like to tinker and do the set-up get a Tamiya. Do your research,and ask yourself,"What do I want from my "drift"RC?".
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    I know this may be a bit controversial but one way to get in to drifitng is to buy a cheap knock-off, see this site:

    [url=] - 1:10, EP Electric Powered[/url]

    They sell clones of popular 1:10 scale TC and Drift cars for much less than the genuine versions, obviously you are going to get a (slightly? significantly? who knows?) inferior product but even if you end up replacing some of the parts with genuine ones you have a very cheap entry point in to the hobby which could lead to more (and we all know that once you get a taste for RC in any form, it's addictive!).

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    back when i started researching drifting back when it was "new" and all the rage everyone seemed to be using the tamiya TT-01 chassis. it was super inexpensive and had massive aftermarket support. i remember used rollers being sold on ebay for under $60.
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    [url=]Drift Cars[/url]
    nitro rcx have lots of cheap drifters and they also come brushless

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    nitro rcx does have cheap cars that come in brushed, brushless, or nitro. But you need to think about parts support also. If you have plenty of room to drift and not too much to hit, you probably wont need many parts. But if you are a bad drifter (in the beginning) or dont have a lot of room you may break some parts. Not that big of a deal but you will need to wait for the parts to ship and stuff. Plus a lot of the time if you broke a part, most likely other people have too so they go out of stock often. Then you need to wait sometimes months for a new shipment from china to come in.

    If that isnt an issue, then go for that but otherwise I would say get a normal brand like tamiya. Seems like the TT-01 is popular and cheap.
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    If you just want to drift, Dont care about speed, the E10 HPI is the best for the money, But then a little more up from them is the sprint 2 drift, you get the upgraded 2.4 ghz radio, water proof electronics, and better quality parts, and then there is the KB rally car from traxxas that is very fast when brushless and also has the ability to run foam tires and get some damn good speed out of it on lipo

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    Alright from my experience and having played around with rc drift cars for past 5 years or so. I would say you can go past the tamiya tt-01. The overall chassis is pretty dirt cheap and you need little to no mods to get it sliding. Just get some drift tyres from eBay. Abs or the hpi t drifts. And it will slide.
    You can then later do little upgrades when you get better and adjust to your drifting style. Whether you want counter steer or just want an aggressive style car.
    But to sum it up. Tt-01. Bearing kit, lock the rear diff with bluetac or glue, some abs and go go go.

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