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noob in need of help
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Thread: noob in need of help

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    noob in need of help

    hey i was looking through an old tote in my garage and found this old team associated chassis i think with electronics i made some pvc drift tires out of pve and i have no clue where to begin if anyone can give some info it would be much appreciated this has a reedy radon 30 000 rpm motor [brushed] witch is fast and powerful and that is being ran through a lrp digital with super reverse with aunbranded steering servo and i swapped out the 27mhz with a 2.4 system it has adjustable turnbuckles what should i do i want to be able to still do some street racing and this seems to work for drifting any suggestions or questions just let me know what you think
    my garage
    hpi mini recon
    older T A tc3 electric i think
    still looking for anything cheap

    real garage
    1983 honda shadow 750

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