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Glow In The Dark Paint
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Thread: Glow In The Dark Paint

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    Glow In The Dark Paint

    Has anyone used the glow in the dark lexan paint that you can find out there? I know I was talking with a few people on the forum about it when we were discussing [URL="http://www.rcnightmare.com/forum/general-rc-chat/1124-night-driving.html"]"night driving"[/URL]. Anyways - I saw some pics online but I wanted to see if any of you have used it and if so, if you like it!
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    You know what this means Jess...You gotta try it!

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    haha I guess so!

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    take a body you want to paint and trim it , take some of that you trimed off and try the paint on it , after it dries.. bend test piece to see if the pain sticks or just flakes off. and now you know.
    If it aint broke ....you aint trying hard enuf.

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    Well, I forgot to reply to this, lmao
    Yes it does work.
    It sprays kinda like a candy color, spray thin even coats and depending on the color you choose you can use a black light to check your progress as some colors can spray kinda clear and like a candy color the more layers adds to the brightness of the "glow" paint, the B light can be used to jump start the "glow" when you are out playing.

    Would be cool for a crawler: get some "glow" powder (powder paint) and fill up some acrylic tubes and attach them to the bottom of the crawler or I guess scaler in this case and hit w/ a black light and turn the camera on and start crawling

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    thanks for the help sports fury

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