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Mugen & Caster Buggies!!!
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Thread: Mugen & Caster Buggies!!!

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    Post Mugen & Caster Buggies!!!

    Does anyone have any first hand experience with using the mugen mbx6 punisher body by j concepts on either the mbx5* or the Caster ex1.5?

    thank you
    Caster Racing EX1.5
    T8 1900kv & Castle Speed Control on 4s
    Diggity Designs CF Upper Deck
    VP Pro & Caster Wheels/tyres
    Savox SC1258 Titanium Geared

    HotBodies Truggy & Ho Bao Hyper 7
    GX-5R .21 - Byron 20%
    Ofna - Proline - VP Pro - Caster Wheels/tyres
    Savox SC125/78 Titanium Geared

    Thanks to: Caster Racing USA - Team Tekin - Byron Fuels - VP Pro - Savox /
    Nene Valley Raceway

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    The Punisher is the exact same as the Bulldog from proline and I have you the Bulldog so yes it is a great body. It exposes the engine alot more then any stock body so it will decrease your engine temps.

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