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Duratrax paint. my experience
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Thread: Duratrax paint. my experience

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    Duratrax paint. my experience

    i finally got my hands on a can of Duratrax's new paint. i guess duratrax is trying to pick up where Testers left off with the Pactra paint.
    i painted a parma 67 F-100 body for my clodbuster. i used a can of Duratrax metallic blue (part# PC265) for my test as it looked like the color i wanted to paint the truck anyway. here's my results.
    the starting point
    first thing you'll notice is the can is larger. 4.5oz VS pactra and tamiya's 3oz.

    after 1 medium wet coat. poor lighting, but it's covering well. spraying even and consistent.

    still transparent after coat

    after a second medium wet coat you can see the color start to darken a bit.

    still some transparency to it. but it's covering well. and flashing in about 10 minutes between coats.

    coat 3.

    good coverage, it's now opaque (you can't see through it). it's opaque enough to reflect (you can see my head, hand, and camera reflecting in this shot)

    just for good measure i put a 4th coat on it, but couldn't tell a difference between it and the third coat. and after that i still had just enough paint left in the can to touch up some harder to reach places.
    it covered well enough that i didn't bother to back it. we'll see how that holds up.
    the larger can's are awesome! im guessing you could easily paint an 1/8 body with a single can. the colors nice and vibrant, it comes out of the can well. flashes in about 10-15 minutes between coats. covers in 3 medium wet coats. dried to the touch in about 30 to 45 minutes. it's not visible in the pic's but in person the metallic looks good. i have nothing negative to say about this paint. i like it.

    and here's the finished (and undecaled) results
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