The other day I went to Harbor Freight Tools just looking around on their web site... [url=]Harbor Freight Tools[/url] while on their web site I looked up and air tools and one thing that was listed an Airbrush kit for only 89.99 or something like that... and of coarse they are out online ... but with 350 store around the country .. looked up one in my area... guess what... they had the Airbrush kit in stock .. Now the kit comes with an Air compressor .. the air brush .. hose.... and a couple of other things .. Not bad .. It's my first airbrush so I really have nothing to compare it too ..but I don't think it's bad at all ... I painted my crt.5 shell and an old Rally Weapon shell I never got around to painting.. .. So the Rally Weapon shell was totally free hand ..and the camo look I was going for looked pretty good if I say so... Now you can get the entire kit for about 90 dollars and can pick up a second airbrush for 20 dollars ..