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Traveling and Remote Control
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Thread: Traveling and Remote Control

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    Traveling and Remote Control

    I am traveling from memphis to lasvegas in a month for some racing with my little brother, wondering if im able to take lipo batteries, battery chargers, stull like that on a place with me or what i have to do with it? If not what special information do i need to have with regards to shipping it? thanks

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    im not really sure on this subject because i never travled on a plane with them, but you should check with your airline first if it is okay to take the batteries and chargers on the plane as a carry on or have it checy to be in the cargo bay. how embarassing it would if they were mistaked as a bomb you konw. so check with them first if all fails then ship them to your destination

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    You shouldn't have any issues. If you can do like i did and get a carrier bag for your car so you can have it in your carry on luggage so you can clear up any issues quickly. The only thing you wouldn't be able to bring if you ran nitro was fuel.
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    I think for batteries, they have to be Lipos. They won't let you take a camera unless either it has no batteries or LiLipos. Maybe the same follows with Nimh and Nicad
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    Just talked to post office and yea, mailing that stuff is all fine, so planes train or automobile should all be good too.

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