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Radio Suggestion?
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Thread: Radio Suggestion?

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    Radio Suggestion?

    I been in and out of rc for a long time,so the last time I was into rc I still was using FM radio's and got out of it just when 2.4ghz stuff was coming out. So I still have my old JR Racing XS3Pro and was just thinking of using that because im getting me and my son into 4x4 SCT racing and buying and getting 2 set ups is pretty expensive.
    I have a RX I would just have to remove it from my Tmaxx and use it,but I was looking up to see how much a rx would be for my older FM radio and they are still very expensive at $75.00 to use with my older FM radio,Why so expensive if no one uses them anymore?
    I seen you did a review on those flysky radio's 2.4 rx/tx for $35.00,Now I did order my son one of those "but still waiting on it to get here" I guess I will throw a battery in one of my old rc's and see if I can tell any difference between the old fm and the newer flysky to see if there is any difference. I guess if I don't tell a difference I might as well get a flysky for me.
    But what's your opinion on that,I know I cant drop another $200 on a radio,so it's either get a flysky,or use my older FM till I can afford a nicer 2.4 radio,Whats your thoughts on that?

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    its more expensive because there are people like you who want to keep the older radios and the people selling the older recievers are just scaming money because they might have cost a lot back then but that doesnt mean its still worth a lot
    the fly sky is better because you dont have any radio interference even if you are on different channels
    you can pick up signals from other stuff and mess up your car
    its happened to me

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    I have a fly sky and it's great the biggest difference I seen was the range you drive your car so far away that you can't see what it's doing

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