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What is the best servo to run in a Stadium Truck
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Thread: What is the best servo to run in a Stadium Truck

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    What is the best servo to run in a Stadium Truck

    I have been looking at several different models but I cannot really decide on which servo to use to upgrade my blitz.

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    Sep 2010
    I have been rockin the team associated high end servo with something like 200 ounces of torque. It was the single greatest upgrade I have done to date on my slash. it handles the track so much better now.

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    welcome mrshortcourse!

    Been agonizing the servo choice for my blitz too! It comes down to 3 factors for me: price/torque/speed

    Basically get the fastest/most torquie servo you can for your budget. The 2WD Blitz prolly won't need 201.4 oz/in of torque that a 4x4 would but I wouldn't go much less than 120oz/in - the more the merrier here! I think speed is more important if I had to compromise. No sense in having tons of power that isn't delivered quick enough. Also, I'm only considering the ones with metal gears for durability reasons.

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    Do you know what servo comes stock in the blitze RTR?

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    i run a 2056 waterproof servo in my rustler VXL, i think waterproof servos are a must because they will get moist running in dirt or mud as well as a servo saver is a good combo in any truck!!

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    Ive been using a Traxxas 2075. Its endured countless hours of bashing and two Wisconsin winters with no problems.

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    From experience I would recommend the Savox 1258 to anyone. 12kg of torque & 0.08 sec/speed

    but they come at a cost of about 50 which is around about $75 I think

    well worth it though in my opinion!

    I have a couple from savox and can't say a bad thing about them
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    Spektrum or Savox has good 1/10 sized servos for cheap. Or even turnigy now.
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    I use the S6040 Digital Surface Servo - High Speed. They have a high torque version too

    High speed has
    167 oz/inch at .08
    Titanium gears
    $79.99 Horizon

    the High Torque version
    278 oz/inch at .15
    Titanium gears

    Pricey, but you get what you pay for with these
    B4 Mamba. 'Nuf said.
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    i run a high torque servo in my truck its a tpro from hobbypartz never let me down slow but i like the torque it gives to move my tires

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