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servo glitch
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Thread: servo glitch

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    servo glitch

    Im not sure if this is the right place to post this but, I got I weird problem with my servo, I'm running a savox 1258 as my servo, mamba max pro esc and a spectrum dx3c radio I've tested each of them separately and they all work fine but when I run them together the servo twitches a lot really fast and I lose all control of the servo, everything runs fine with a weaker servo but I want to run the 1258(it's brand new and works perfect with a different esc but I want to run it with a mamba max), I've never had a problem like this so thought I would ask you guys, would a external b.e.c fix this problem or is it maybe something more serious

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    No its the MMP. The BEC on CC Esc's suck. Get another one. has a bunch but there currently out of stock. But have a look, there small compact and simple to use. And dont forget there cheap too.

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