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Fly Sky Radio Myth or fact
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Thread: Fly Sky Radio Myth or fact

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    Fly Sky Radio Myth or fact

    Ok here is something I am trying to wrap my brain around. I got back into rc racing after a 20 yr break. I am low budget and bought a flysky radio and am loving it its cheap and has alot of bang for the buck.

    I have 1 or 2 guys that I race with saying they are being banned and some local events the club i race with has not said anything about them.

    The rumor is they cause interferance with some radios. I HAVE NOT FOUND PROOF OF THAT.

    As a mater of fact the only thing i have heard are hearsay and that the glitching issues people are having is a spectrum receiver.

    I have a feeling there are a few people out that that feel like they have been cheated because they bought a $400 dollar radio and the fly sky $40 almost as good.

    Please help me as I am trying to find out if there is any data to back up the claims made by a few people or are they accualy just spreading rumors?

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    i havent heard anything like that
    i dont know were they heard that but honestly it sounds stupid because its 2.4ghz and even if it wasnt
    it wouldnt cause any trouble with the other drivers or flyers

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